About Portals

Several years ago, Charles W. Colson asked me to write a brief book explaining his approach to understanding different worldviews. Colson analyzed worldviews using four question: where did I come from? What is wrong with the world? What is the solution? What is my purpose? He set these up as a grid, with the questions in columns and the different worldviews in rows, and used just a few words to summarize the basic idea of how the worldview would answer the question, essentially what you see in the webpage for the Portals Summary Grid. He asked me to write a page or two explaining in more detail the how each of the worldviews answered his questions.

Originally, Chuck had just four worldviews, the biblical worldview, secular naturalism, Islam, and Eastern religions. I originally divided Eastern religions from New Age, then postmodernism from secular naturalism. Later, I added the Gaian worldview. This isn’t a formal title, but it’s the best I could come up with to describe an increasingly common worldview that holds environmentalism as the ultimate good, and environmental degradation as the ultimate evil. I also renamed the biblical worldview “Historic Christianity.” That added up to seven worldviews: Historic Christianity, Secular Naturalism, Postmodernism, Islam, Eastern Religions, New Age, and the Gaian Worldview. I kept the critique of the different views to a minimum. The goal was to present as accurate a description of each worldview as I could within the space of a few pages.

Once the book was finished, Chuck and I tried to find a publisher, but we hit a snag pretty quickly: the publishers we tried considered it an academic book, but it was too short to be an academic book. They encouraged me to expand it, but Chuck’s entire concept was a brief primer on worldviews, so making it longer would have defeated its purpose. As a result, I started Every Square Inch Publishing, and Portals became it’s first title. My only real regret is that I didn’t make this move sooner so Chuck could have seen the result.

One thought on “About Portals

  1. Glenn, I remember asking T.M, Martha, maybe even you, and anyone else who would listen to me if something like Portals existed when I was in C4 training. Now that it does exist, it should be given to every new Centurion candidate. What a great service you have provided to the Worldview knowledge base. Thanks! Morris

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