Portals: Summary Grid

Where did I Come From?
What’s Wrong with the World?
What’s the Solution?
What’s my Purpose?
Historic Christianity
Image of God
The Fall: Original Sin
Human Responsibility
Atonement through Christ’s Death and Resurrection
Doing God’s Will
Restoring the Fallen World
Secular Naturalism
Undirected evolution
NOT Responsible
  • Genes
  • Society
Worldly Utopia
(Same as Secular Naturalism)
Western Civilization
Unrestricted Freedom
Government Regulation
Utopian Earth
NOT Image of God (Image of God=Idolatry)
NO Original Sin
  • Deception
  • The Self
Salvation by Arbitrary Will of Allah
Only Guarantee: Martyrdom (Death in Jihad)
Submission to Allah
Umma Muslima
Eastern Religions
World is an Illusion
Bad Karma
  • Ignorance
  • Desire
Mystical Experience
Eliminate Desire
Accept Karma
“Liberation” (Personal Extinction)
New Age
Biological Evolution
Spiritual Evolution
Ignorance of own Divinity
Personal Enlightenment
Bring in the New Age
Gaian Worldview
(Same as either Secular Naturalism or New Age)
Environmental Degradation Caused by Human Activity
Green Technologies
Green Lifestyles
Limit Human Population
Save the Environment

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